Access Email Account using IMAP

Access Email Account using IMAP

The third-party email clients like mail spring, outlook express, Mozilla Thunderbird, apple mail etc. provides a stupendous user interface and functions. If you are an AOL email account folder and don’t like interface then you can opt for an email client. In order to use your AOL mail account in any email client you can use IMAP protocols. In addition to the email clients, the IMAP protocols also allow you to open AOL mail account in different mobile apps as well such as iPhone mail. In most of the mobile apps, you can access email account using IMAP just by clicking AOL icon because AOL IMAP settings are pre-configured in them.


In this post, we will take you through the step by step method to configure AOL email using IMAP in other email clients.

What are the benefits of using IMAP protocol?

You should know that you can access email account using IMAP as well as using POP. However, the IMAP protocols are more preferred due to the following reasons.

  • IMAP protocols allow you to sync your AOL Mail account with the apps or other services. It means whatever you do on the app or other email clients will show up in your AOL mail interface at POP protocols don’t support synchronization.
  • While using IMAP protocols, the email messages are stored on the server securely. On the other hand, the copies of emails are stored locally in POP settings which are more vulnerable to data loss.
  • The opening of an email messages is slower in POP because the whole email needs to be downloaded. While on IMAP, you just need to download headers and rest of the things are just requested from the server so it is much faster.

How to use IMAP settings to access emails?

Before you configure IMAP settings in your email client to access emails, you should make sure that your email client support IMAP. In case it doesn’t support IMAP then you should create a new account and enter the following settings at the relevant field to configure your AOL account.

  • IMAP server address:
  • IMAP login: Your full AOL Mail email address.
  • AOL mail IMAP password: Your AOL mail email password
  • AOL IMAP Port: 993
  • IMAP SSL/ TLS required: yes

Using the settings given above, you can only receive your AOL Mail messages in the email client. In order to send emails from your AOL mail account, you need to enter the SMTP settings as well. You can enter the SMTP settings in the provided fields while setting up the account to send outgoing email through your AOL account. The SMTP settings are as follows:

  • SMTP Outgoing Server Address:
  • SMTP security: STARTTLS
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP Username: Your complete AOL mail email address
  • SMTP password: Your AOL mail password that you use to log in to the AOL mail account.

After entering the incoming and outgoing server settings you should be able to Access email account using IMAP with ease.

Demerits of using your AOL mail account in other email applications

There are many features available in AOL mail that are absent in different third party email clients as given below:

  1. In many email clients, you can’t retrieve the emails from AOL users that are unopened. Additionally, you are not allowed to check the status of sent messages like you can do from the AOL Mail interface.
  2. The availability of a report spam button is not there in email clients. In order to report an email as spam, you need to manually move the email to the spam or junk folder of your email client.
  3. Many email clients don’t even show the deleted emails. Whereas, some email client shows the deleted emails in the original folder after marking the email for deletion.

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